Conceived and produced by documentary professionals


7 episodes to tell 7 different realities united by a single idea


120 hours of footage made with avant-garde 360 ° drones and cameras


Editing and creation of special effects for an immersive journey through history

Built according to the dictates of a unitary project in the 1930s

The urban centers defined as “Città di Fondazione” are the protagonists of the new cycle of documentaries by BweB.

Each episode is dedicated to a city: Latina, Sabaudia, Pomezia, Pontinia, Aprilia, Guidonia and Colleferro.


The project is the result of collaboration with the Lazio Region and local administrations and is intended to promote knowledge of the historical and artistic heritage of the Lazio Foundation Cities.

Conceived according to a political will and a clear urban ideal

The cities of the twentieth century were built on the basis of a rational architectural project.

Built in a short time, with functional geometries and rich in symbolic meanings, they have been called new cities, ideal cities, metaphysical cities.

Seven cities arise, from the Pontine Marshes to the gates of Rome: they are the Foundation Cities of Lazio.

“The collaboration that has been established with the representatives of the seven cities has made a difference. This project represents a unicum both in terms of completeness and in terms of organicity. We will promote our documentary in order to consolidate the excellent relationship that has been created with the local administrations.”

Gerardo Graziano


“I have always been an admirer of Antonio Pennacchi. I strongly wanted to be able to carry out this project in compliance with the limits imposed by television broadcasting. We have tried to retrace the genesis of the Foundation Cities which represent an important piece of our recent history “.

Annalisa Bertasi


“This project shows a little known and even less valued piece of our cultural heritage. The Cities Foundation are a historical and cultural destination and these documentaries represent a good introduction to the subject.”

Vincenzo Graziano

Executive Producer