Jan 03, 2021

“Places of Culture – Latium FOUNDATION CITIES”, a new BWEB project.

“Places of Culture – Latium FOUNDATION CITIES”, a new BWEB project.

The historic Lucanian production house BWEB starts the new project that will see it engaged for the whole of 2021.

BWEB is the winner and beneficiary of the public notice “L’Impresa fa Cultura” which supports projects of small and medium-sized enterprises aimed at promoting cultural heritage through the use of new technologies. The Italian Company will therefore produce a cycle of documentaries focused on the history and identity of the places of culture included in the “Foundation Cities” circuit, with particular reference to the sites of Aprilia, Latina, Sabaudia, Pomezia, Pontinia, Guidonia and Colleferro.

Each episode will feature one of these cities.

These are particularly fascinating urban centers as they were built according to the dictates of a unitary project in the 1930s.

The series will outline the identity, history and contemporary physiognomy of these places with an emphasis on cultural phenomena related to anthropization, immigration and the more purely artistic-architectural aspects.

The project represents a new element of promotion which – hopefully – will be disseminated on the main networks (social and television) and which at the same time will make it possible to enrich the dissemination tools available to public bodies.

In this case, the transmission of audiovisual products is foreseen in theaters, museums and cultural centers located in the reference area.

Knowledge is the first step to enhance a reality – such as that of the Foundation Cities – up to now not counted among the destinations of cultural and tourist importance. The project will make it possible to encourage the dissemination of knowledge of our recent history.

For more information, you can consult the official page of the European Funds: www.europa.eu

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