Jan 19, 2022

The “young” cities of the Agro told by architects, journalists and writers

The “young” cities of the Agro told by architects, journalists and writers

The five “agrarian” cities of the Latina district and the two “autarchy” cities, Guidonia and Colleferro, are counted among the youngest urban centres in Italy.

In a country that boasts a thousand-year history, this figure represents a focal point for reflecting on identity while the population of this province is constantly growing.

The proximity to the capital makes them destinations of great interest. The local administrations are working hard to enhance the monumental nuclei, “burdened” – throughout the twentieth century – by a memory that is not easy to manage.

To guide the development of the narration of the seven documentaries made by BweB, in addition to the architecture and the precious archive images, there are many literary references.

So many writers, journalists and architects have talked about the first hundred years of the Foundation Cities: Guido Piovene, Corrado Alvaro, Stanis Ruinas, Luigi Piccinato, Riccardo Morandi and – most recently – the unforgettable Antonio Pennacchi.

All of them, with different points of view, have left significant and vibrant pages linked to the reclamation of the Agro.

Among them, Antonio Pennacchi is certainly the most important: he is responsible for bringing the story of the colonization of the Agro, victim of the damnatio memoriae that marked the second half of the twentieth century to the attention of the international public.

The entire series is dedicated to the great writer who died last August.

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